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A business grows well when its customers are satisfied and happy with the product or service offered. It is always better to receive feedback from the customer to improve your business and get approached by new clients.

Just like you, there are millions of other businesses that run ads on Facebook. As the number of ads running on the platform increases, so does the chance of misleading, spamming, and inappropriate ads being shown on the platform increases. Keeping this in mind, Facebook recently introduced a customer feedback scoring system.

If you use Facebook as a platform to advertise your product then Facebook automatically asks your customer for feedback on your business. A survey is initiated by Facebook which asks questions about:

  • Shipping speed

  • Quality of the product

  • Customer Service

Through this survey, customers give scores ranging from 1 to 5 with 5 being positive feedback and 1 being very poor feedback.

So, why is this scoring system important for your business?

The algorithm of Facebook determines what value customers give to your business through this scoring system. This score is updated regularly when Facebook receives more data from your customers. This helps Facebook to decrease low-quality ads. The customer feedback score also determines how much you will have to pay for your ads to run on Facebook and how many people will it reach. If you wish to spend less and reach a large audience, your customer feedback score needs to remain high. Also, through this score, you get a perspective on how your customer views your product and service. It allows you to improve your business and provide satisfaction to your customers.

Do you need to worry if your Facebook Customer Feedback Score is low?

A low feedback score of 0 or 1 indicates that your customers have given negative feedback about your product or service. With such a low score, your ads will no longer be displayed on Facebook which in turn will affect your business.

How can you increase your score?

The feedback tool provided by Facebook can be used to keep track of your score. You can even check where the bad reviews are coming from and identify the unsatisfied customer. Before you get penalized by Facebook for low feedback scores, you need to change your strategies and ensure that your customers are satisfied.

How can we, Saki Ads Solution, help you to increase your score?

Saki Ads Solution is here to provide you with services that will improve your customer feedback score. If you’ll work with us :

  • We’ll provide you with country-specific reviews from the accounts of the country you desire

  • We’ll customize reviews for you

  • We have fully completed profiles

  • We will stick with you even after our contract is completed

  • We have 24/7 customer support service

  • We provide you with high-quality service

  • We don’t use fake bots

  • We keep our customers 100% satisfied

In conclusion, customers have the power to make or destroy your advertisement plans on Facebook. The more your business is customer-friendly, the larger impact it will have on your business. Your business's main focus should be to give the best value you can to your customers. This would keep your customers satisfied, and happy, and in return, they’ll leave good feedback.

If you are among those businesses which are facing a low or medium score then contact team Saki Ads Solution. Leave a comment below to get in touch.

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