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DIY Increase your Facebook Customer Feedback score

Are you aware that over 40% of the stores that run Facebook ads get banned in the first month? Have you ever been in such a situation? If yes, then Saki Ads Solution is here on a mission to improve your store's Facebook Customer Feedback Score. If not, continue to read this blog to never be in such a situation.

Here is the first technique you can implement from never getting banned by Facebook:

  • Setup email automation for the clients who purchase from your store.

  • Lure your clients to leave feedback on your ad by offering them incentives.

  • Mention the steps given in the template *add link of the template* by us.

  • Ask your clients to send a screenshot to your email id.

You should keep in mind that if your clients don't respond to your email, then there is a high chance they might not leave feedback in the future or leave negative feedback. Through this technique, you will get insights into your customer's thoughts about your product.

Keep the email short and crisp. Also, don't forget to track your client's response.

If 30% of your customers don't respond to your email, reach out to us and visit this space for more details to increase your Facebook Customer Feedback Score.

Email Template:

Dear {customer name}, Thank you for purchasing our {product name}; we hope you liked the {product name} and had a wonderful experience. You can help us to reach more clients by sharing your feedback on our Facebook page. It would take just a minute and all you need to do is,

  • Open your Facebook App

  • Go to Recent Ads Activity on your Facebook App and locate our ad.

  • Leave positive feedback on our Ad.

  • Send a screenshot to {your email address} or reply to this email.

The detailed steps for the same are attached. As a reward for this, we would like to offer {percentage or discount amount} Your feedback is highly appreciated!! Thank you

Detailed Steps

Step 1 - The customer goes to your website after interacting with your Facebook ad and the ad then appears in their recent ad activity section.

Step 2 - The client can then navigate to the “Recent Ads Activity” in their Facebook App in the recent section and find your ad.

Step 3 - Ask them to locate your ad and then leave a review on the same.

Things to keep in mind -

  1. If clients don't respond to this email, there's a high chance they might not leave feedback in future or leave negative feedback.

  2. This email will give you insight into your customer's thoughts about your product, so keep the email crisp and implement all the steps mentioned above.

  3. Keep track of the client's response to your mail.

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